Sigma Risk


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Sigma Risk Management Inc. is a leading Canadian risk management consulting firm. Since 1995, Sigma Risk has earned a solid track record for our services and the high quality of our risk analysis and management advice. Our consultants are some of the best in their fields. Our reputation includes being on time, on budget and delivering quality and best practice.

Sigma Risk has intentionally remained a boutique firm of comparatively modest size. That said, we are certainly one of the larger and well-established Canadian firms specializing in independent corporate risk and insurance management, as well as being competitive with engineering firms in process safety risk and project risk management and offering a more technically advanced enterprise risk management process that other ERM providers.


Sigma Risk is one of only four Canadian members of the relatively elite Society of Risk Management Consultants (, whose Code of Ethics precludes its members from working for insurers (except captives) and for insurance brokers. That independence allows us to be objective and to avoid any appearance (much less existence) of conflict of interest on insurance audits, purchasing, tenders or claims.


Although we do not offer engineering design services, we maintain a consulting engineering license (Permit to Practice) to comment on the process, personnel and property damage risks inherent in a design as well as how to mitigate risks to and within the applicable societal, industry-recommended and legal tolerances.

We are also members of the following professional organizations:

  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta
  • Canadian Association of Management Consultants
  • Casualty Actuarial Society
  • Disaster Recovery Institute
  • Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Insurance Institute of Canada
  • Project Management Institute
  • Risk and Insurance Management Society
  • Risk Management Consultants of Ontario 
  • Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Society for Risk Analysis

Our quality management system is ISO 9000 certified and APEGA-compliant. 






Jack Gordon

Jack Gordon has been consulting in corporate risk management for the past twenty-five years, with prior background in loss control engineering, university lecturing in finance and risk (Cal Berkeley, University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and the University of Dar Es Salaam business schools), and in corporate insurance brokering and accounts management (with a large international brokerage). 

His areas of consulting expertise include engineering and technical risk assessment, actuarial analysis and risk modelling, corporate insurance programs, insurance policy forms and documentation of insurance claims.

Jack is knowledgeable in all aspects of corporate risk and insurance: underwriting parameters; insurance brokerage and purchasing; best available property and casualty insurance policy wordings; market conditions; and insurance rating and premium. 

He also consults in process safety risk, enterprise risk management (ERM) and in project risk management (PRM) of industrial and infrastructure projects. 



Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering
Master's in Mechanical Engineering (Combustion and Heat Transfer)

MBA in Finance and Accounting

Post-Graduate Certificate in Decision Science and Risk Management

Post-Graduate Certificate in Insurance Law

Professional Credentials

• Professional Engineer, APEGA
• Certified Management Consultant, Canadian Association of Management Consultants
• Fellow, Insurance Institute of Canada
• Certified Internal Auditor, Institute of Internal Auditors
• Canadian Risk Management Designation, RIMS
• Certification in Risk Management Assurance, Institute of Internal Auditors
• Certified Risk Management Professional, Project Management Institute
• Certified Business Continuity Professional, Disaster Recovery Institute




Junior CONSULTANT and administrator

Danelle Bishoff

Danelle is a junior consultant at Sigma Risk and administrative manager of most of the firm's risk assessment, risk management and insurance assignments. Her skill set includes risk modelling of catastrophic events (usually Monte Carlo using @Risk), OptionPower software, insurance audit and tender processes and documents and ERM frameworks and processes. Since joining Sigma Risk in 2017, Danelle has worked for banks, energy companies, municipalities, governments and P3's.



Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering

Professional Credentials

• Engineer in Training, APEGA
• Canadian Risk Management Designation, RIMS (in progress)




David Allen

Dr. David Allen has forty years of risk work experience in the petroleum, chemical and nuclear industries. He has worked as a consultant in the area of risk and safety analysis, conducting a wide variety of process safety and cat risk studies and modelling for clients that include AltaGas, Canadian International Oil Corp, Entergy, Harvest Energy, the New York Power Authority, BP Ohio, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, National Gas Company of Trinidad, Foster Wheeler, EG&G Rocky Flats, Chevron, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy.

As a Sigma Risk Associate since 1998, Dr. Allen has been an active consulting team member on more than fifty Sigma Risk assignments for refinery, nuclear, utility, LNG, propane, chemical, industrial, port and regulatory organizations. 



Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering

Master's in Chemical Engineering
PhD in Chemical Engineering

Professional Credentials

• Professional Engineer, APEGA
• Senior Member, American Institute of Chemical Engineers
• Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers




Rene Tinawi

Dr. Rene Tinawi has thirty-five years of experience in design, reliability and risk analysis. His background includes employment with Canadair and Computer Sciences Canada Ltd. and as a professor of civil engineering (retiring as Dean of Engineering) at the University of Quebec, specializing in earthquake analysis. Rene has authored or coauthored more than 100 technical papers on earthquake damage to infrastructure, buildings and industrial facilities.

As a Sigma Risk associate since 1995, Dr. Tinawi has worked for twenty-five of Sigma Risk's corporate clients on seismic risk assessment, including assignments involving operations in Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ottawa, Toronto, California, Jamaica, Trinidad, Chile, El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, California, Dominica and Turkey.


Bachelor's in Engineering
Master's in Engineering

PhD in Civil Engineering

Professional Credentials

• Professional Engineer, Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
• Member, Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
• Member, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
• Member, Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering
• Member, Canadian Dam Association
• Fellow, Canadian Society of Civil Engineering



Associate CONSULTANT: Flood risk

Tamsin Lyle

Tamsin Lyle is an experienced hydrology consultant and hydraulic engineer and President of her own consulting practice ( She has worked on numerous high-profile flood and risk projects across Canada for all of her eighteen year career, both as an engineer and as a policy analyst and planner. She is recognized for her risk-based planning for natural hazards and has written several peer-reviewed, scholarly and public articles on flood risk assessment methods. 

Tamsin has acted as a numerical modelling engineer and senior technical advisor on river flood profile and forecasting projects across Canada and indeed around the world. She is the author of British Columbia’s award-winning Integrated Flood Management Plan and has acted as a flood policy analyst, working for local and regional governments and professional organisations. 

Tamsin and her firm have been associated with Sigma Risk since 2015.

Professional Credentials

• Professional Engineer, APEGBC
• Public member, Planning Institute of BC
• Co-lead of Risk Assessment, Federal Flood Mapping Working Group
• Past-President, BC Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA)
• Chair, Flood Management Committee, BC CWRA
• Member, Fraser Basins Council’s Joint Program Committee for Integrated Flood Management
• BC Representative, Northwest Regional Flood Management Association



Master's in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Master's of Resource Management in Water Resources




Steve Hrudey

Dr. Steve E. Hrudey is a retired Professor Emeritus, Environmental and Analytical Toxicology, University of Alberta. He has been engaged in environmental risk management for 40 years and now provides specialty consulting on environmental risk. His clients have included a variety of national and international agencies including: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, California Water Resources Control Board, American Water Works Association, World Health Organization, Australian Department of Health and Ageing, Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, B.C. Minister of Health and Alberta Health and Wellness. He has served on twenty or so expert panels including the Research Advisory Panel to the Walkerton Inquiry, an international expert panel advising the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and has chaired the Royal Society of Canada expert panel on environmental and public health impacts of Canada's oil sands industry. 

Dr. Steve Hrudey has been involved in a number of Sigma Risk regulatory, municipal and government assignments involving environmental and pollution liability risk and insurance.


Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering

Master's in Public Health Engineering

Doctor of Science in Environmental Health Sciences

Professional Credentials

• Fellow, Society for Risk Analysis
• Fellow, International Water Association
• Fellow, Academy of Science - Royal Society of Canada




ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT: it and cyber risk

Ed Gilchrist

Ed Gilchrist has been involved in project management of IT systems for more than twenty years, including employment at City of Edmonton, Enbridge, Kenonic Controls, DMR, and for a variety of corporate clients, including Trans Canada Pipe Line, Agricore and Utilicorp. As a Sigma Risk team member, he specializes in IT risk assessment, mitigation and business continuity and participates on all twenty odd Sigma Risk ERM and cyber risk assignments. 


Bachelor's in Physics and Mechanical Engineering
MBA in Management Science

Professional Credentials

• Professional Engineer, APEGA
• Certified Project Manager




Xavier Beriault

Based in Montreal, Xavier assists with project assignments and business development in Quebec, as well as data gathering, analysis and French translation on assignments for the Federal government or in French-speaking Africa or Caribbean countries.



Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts (Ph.D. candidacy)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship


ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT: actuarial certification

Al Rhodes

Al Rhodes has twenty years in the actuarial profession and provides actuarial consulting services to risk managers, risk management consultants (including Sigma Risk), TPAs and CPAs through Sigma Actuarial in Nashville ( Al's consulting services include the analyses necessary to insure proper financial reporting and program funding for corporate self insurance and risk financing programs. Al specializes in actuarial reserve analyses, captive feasibility studies, total cost of risk reports, underwriting for self-insured groups, allocation of risk analyses and risk management stewardship reports.

Al has acted as a certified actuarial team member on numerous Sigma Risk assignments, and ensures regulatory and accounting standard compliance where necessary.

Professional Credentials

• Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society
• Member, American Academy of Actuaries
• Member, Society of Risk Management Consultants



Bachelor's in Genetics